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After a long long time , Delhi is being blessed by the beautiful , bright and sunny day.Rains have been over abundant over the city creating havoc in form of floods.It appears  soothing to eyes the yellow rays ,the clear sky and the warmth in the climate.I was able to see a rainbow too with almost all colors.The day brings positive energy to me and makes things look coming to life again.

It reminds me of one such rainy day and one story weaving in my mind of a fairy and  one rain- lover whom she met.He who loves to drive on silent roads surrounded by shady trees and can glimpse paradise in the wet roads.They are to him most beautiful view of rains unlike the dew drops on flowers and water dropping by leaves.He had the immense love in him or say it erupted in him after they met.Someone with whom she felt known since ages.They  could talk endlessly and  always came up with similarities.His words appealed to her in every sense.

Sometimes, she  wonder is she  really worthy of the love she receives from my friends and my loved ones.He called her , ” A girl straight out of dreams”.Words that were heard by  ears , sensed by  eyes, felt by  heart and seeped deep inside her soul.She  could  easily be flattered by words, i believe every girl can be.Its been said , ” Man falls in love through his eyes and  a Woman through her ears”.He was the one who equated her with a sweet angel with wings.An angel who had come on earth to spread love everywhere.

She was being taken to the land of dreams  where i was the princess.He was the prince who wanted to take her to his world far away.He promised to stand by her  side and she  could see the truth in his eyes.The queen was in dilemma as she feared what would king do if he comes to know about it.She was madly in love with the King who considered her the most prized  possession  and a God’s own gift to him.The Prince inquired about the King to assure himself, the queen was in safe hands.The rain lover slowly started moving away and forgot her like a sweet dream.The queen gets back to her fairyland and her happy moments are back.

When they both sit in rain outside looking at the roads, the wet roads.A thought passes by their minds about the beautiful moments of their lives which brings a smile to them.

The Prince was a traveler who came from far and distant lands and met his princess .Now its time to travel again to wherever rain-soaked rains may take him.

girls hate it when…

Girls hate things which guys fail to notice.Here are they ;

1. Ignore

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that no girl likes to be ignored. If you are planning to live your entire life with a girl, you better master the art of making her feel special and important. Girls hate it when guys ignore them.

2. Their Friends

The reason why most of the girls have an issue with their boyfriend’s buddies is the fact that some guys tend to act like complete idiots when they are with their guy-friends. Endless hours of smoking, drinking and hooting while watching sports on television or indulging in a game of poker, leaves no room for the girl. Girls don’t mind guys spending time with their friends as long as the friends don’t start hogging all the time and attention.

3. Spineless Guy –

guys need to take the lead and have control over their lives. Girls don’t hate jobless guys; they hate guys who don’t have the will to work. In case you are hunting for a job and struggling to make your mark in the concerned profession, your girl will stand by you, but if you are going to wallow in self-pity and make absolutely no efforts to pull up your socks and make a living, then you can stop dreaming of having a girlfriend!

4. Respect –

Girls hate it when guys lack respect for them – be it their family, their job, their hobby or their fashion sense. No girl likes to be ridiculed about her work, career, fashion sense or even her make-up skills. Girls like guys who know how to respect them, because of the simple principle “If he can’t respect me, he can’t love me”.

5. Family bashing –

No girl likes a man who disrespects her family and parents. Things like under-estimating a girl’s career options or putting her down will also put you permanently on her black list.

6. Deceit –

Girls hate it when guys lie to them and let me warn you guys that it really doesn’t matter when you come up with excuses like “I lied because I didn’t want to lose you” or “I lied because I didn’t want to hurt you”

7. Ogling –

Girls absolutely cannot stand their man ogling at other girls and yes… it really doesn’t make the ogling any less annoying if it was done without their knowledge, behind their back.

8. Ill – manners –

Girls hate it when guys utter profanities. Also hygiene is an issue that most girls are very sensitive about. Girls hate guys who dig their noses or fart, burp and belch.

9. Comparison with other girls –

Girls hate being compared to other girls, especially if you are hooting for the other girl. So the next time you try and do that, be prepared for a wrath-attack or the ultimate silent treatment. And in case it’s your ex-girlfriend that you are comparing her to – then you are dead. A girl has every right to hate her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends.

10. Last but not the least –

You have a list of things that girls hate about guys. Always love your girl instead of judging her. Pamper her but don’t smother her, respect her but don’t be her pet, give her enough time end space and you will get yours, treat her right and she will be yours forever.

Aah..i wish , i could

I have been tagged by my sweet friend , Shwets.I have to list 10 things i wish to learn or i wish i could.Here it goes ;

1. Cooking – It has got to be on topmost of all.As mentioned many times on my blog , ” the way to man’s heart is through his stomach”.I do not enjoy cooking like most of the girls do,its  more  of a pain to em and i wish i could get over it and cook delicious foods.

2. Telling lies – I am really bad at telling lies.My ears go red,my voice trembles and body shivers if you are intelligent enough to listen to the body language.I wish , I could learn to tell good lies.

3. Technology – I am not much of  a tech- savvy.I wish , i could have an easy hand on latest technologies and equipments.

4. Using cosmetics – Strange..but being a girl, I do not like putting make up on myself.Eyeliners ,mascara, lip glosses and lip liner are all weird to me.I so..hope , I learn to put up with them being an Indian girl and would be indian wife.

5. French – I am a lover of French language.Wish , i could be fluent in it soon.

6 . Being not so sweet – Sounds awkward. But i wish i could use ” tit for tat” in my life.I am overtly sweet at times.Fear diabetes.lolz..

7. Soft-wares – I am equally bad at using soft wares ans downloading things.I need to improve on it.

8. Remembering things – I forget things …where i kept my keys, where i left my wallet.I need to be less absent minded.

9. Watching News – Watching or listening or reading .Being aware of what’s going around us is what i often tend to ignore in my dream world.

10. Un- Learn – To not learn what is meant to be backward and inhumane.To learn to live like  a free bird.

On request of my fellow bloggers , I have decided to bring up ” how to hunt  a guy ? ” .Speaking frankly , almost all the girls know how to drive a man crazy after them . This post would be more for guys to let them know we know what you seek for in us .

Girls never really work hard to seek attention from a guy and when a a guy is still ignoring , it means none of the points mentioned below are gonna work .He has got his own view of a ” dream girl ” and would not deviate from it no matter what. I kind of appreciate such men who do not give glances to every girl that smiles.

well. goes the simple steps for the ” hunt”

1. Smile

Remember to always smile if you get near him or see him once he looks at you.

2. Make the first move

Most girls don’t think that they should, but it’s usually worth it. A guy loves to know that a girl isn’t so shy being with him and is setting a comfortable environment around him. A lot of guys consider this to be a really cool thing to do, as it takes a lot of the stress off of them.

3. Ask him  a question

Guys love that a girl is actually the one who flirts with him first. Once you get to know him better, don’t be afraid to start giving him hugs and such because it will help the guy know you like him.

4. Compliment him .

You could say, “I like your shirt,” or, “I love your hair,” but make it kind of casual, guys like feeling confident.Even at times , appreciate the way they talk or dress up or walk.

5. Act as if you’re flirting , but when you go up to him ,compliment him for something you truly admire in him .

He will feel less pressured to come to you and talk after it. Guys never say but they fear coming close to the girl they have soft corner for.They become nervous while talking to them.Make them feel comfortable and stressfree.

6. Make sure that he is looking , and you look at him for exactly two seconds while smiling.

Don’t go any longer than two seconds or it would turn awkward for the guy.Turn around and look at him.Try to hide away and let him search you looking at him.

7 . Make you wear perfume

Everybody, guys or girls, likes someone who smells sweet, so take note to always wear some body mist or light perfume,but not too much.

8. Talk to him.

Its simple to him.Make him feel comfortable with you.

9. Don’t start shaking all over and turning red when you start talking to him.

That’ll just make him uninterested in you, and he’ll obviously guess that you’re crushing on him, and it’ll make you seem “boring”. Don’t make yourself seem too urgent to have him as a boyfriend, it makes you seem desperate.

10. If you have noticed him glancing over you or smiling , try dropping a hint,or ask one your friends to tell him that you like him.

And it turns out that  he thinks you are  really nice and he wants your number! Do not always think telling the guy is the wrong decision.

Add- on

  • Be yourself. Don’t act like someone you’re not because guys tend to not like it when a girl is being “fake”.
  • Make up is fine – In moderate amounts. If you look like a clown, you’re not going to get him. A morning glow is nice, don’t over do it.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to him! What’s the worst that can happen? Try not to be shy.
  • Guys always like a bright smile and a romantic scent.
  • Do not try too hard. This is a major turn off, and it does make it look like you’re obsessed.
  • Twirl your hair. When you twirl your hair or talk to your fellow classmate acting happy you are more likely to get his attention then being solemn. Do not change your tone; a guy could notice that very easily.

Never to do
1. Do not behave childish.

OK, some spoiling is all right once in a while, but if you want him to treat you as a baby every time he sees you… OK, he will do it, but he’ll start looking for someone else after that.

2 .Do not accept for physical too fast.

Believe it not, and ironic as it does sound knowing them as we do, though you have always heard that men live striving for sex, they also use sex to test us.

3. Do not be too possessive , too demanding or too jealous.

The man is a man, OK? Sure he will once in a while look at other girls’ silhouettes as you walk with him. You won’t be able to stop that. Show him you care and have him respect you.

4 .Do not be aggravated.

If he once says you look terrible with that blue dress, it does not mean that he is saying that you should not wear blue clothes ever again nor that you are ugly nor fat nor stupid nor old nor a whore. He is just saying that the damn blue dress does not suit you in the specific occasion in which you are asking.

5. Do not be materialistic.

Most men will gladly pay for your drink in the finest restaurant if he finds it a nice thing to do. However if you ask to go to one of those snobbish places once and again, he will think you only care about his money and look for some real love somewhere else.

6. Do not take two hours to get ready.

OK, all women know that looking great is very important for any and all of us, but taking two hours to get ready is much more than a common man is used to.

7. Don’t be too possessive.

So, if he wants to go for a drink with the guys, as long as it is not to a strip club, you should “allow” him to go. Both of you deserve some time on your own, don’t you agree?

8. Do not spend whole evening criticising other women .

Though it may be one of the feminine most popular sports, men will think you are criticizing him when you are with your friends and they hate that.

9.Do not talk about marriage , if you are less than a year together.

In a man’s brain, this usually means a lot of money and obligations, maybe the last things in which he is thinking about at this stage of your relationship.

10. Do not offer him salad as a meal.

If you are on a diet, it is not his business. Never ever play with a man’s stomach, girl. That’s a capital sin.

gals are easy to be impressed…

You might be thinking or wondering what do girls actually look for in a relationship or how should their perfect prince be like ? Girls can easily be impressed being the soft hearted species who do not use much of intellect and logic before falling in love. Emotions always overtake the practicality in them .They look at things from a different perspective which may or may not be logical but always surprises men as they tend to miss certain things in life.Go on to read what girls want in a relationship or desire from their man.

1 A Man – It may sound simple but it isn’t .You need to act and behave like a confident real man who has a strong purpose in life and can treat a woman like a real woman. Women always look for power when they seek a life partner. They are mostly afraid to end up with men with low self esteem and who have a hard time making decisions.

2. Power for responsibilities – Women always look for a guy who has strong shoulders which can carry responsibilities and is never scared to run away from a problem rather faces it like a real man and takes it as a challenge.

3.  A gentleman inside – Women prefer men who are tough enough when they are facing the real world and can protect a woman but nice and gentle within who know how to treat their woman like a queen.

4. True lovers – Women absolutely find true lovers irresistible. Men who are not afraid to show affection in public and always pour their heart out for a woman and would do almost anything are the one’s who are on the top of the preference list for women.

5. Good sense of humor  –Every girl wants her guy to have good humor sense.A guy who can make others laugh will have high level of inter personal skills. These kinds of guys easily get noticed by the girls.

6 .  Positive attitude – Women can smell a loser from miles away and this is possibly the major reason why nice guys always going to finish last since they seem to have a positive attitude towards life and are always seeking attention from girls.

7.  Security – From knowing that they can trust the man with their life, finances and possibly children, to fidelity completely believing that they will one day provide a stable home for them and would never cheat on them.

8.  Intelligence – In order to have stimulating conversations with each other and others around you, he must be at or slightly above the intelligence level of the woman. If not, it can be boring or disappointing for some.

9 .  Same interests –

In order to have fun and indulge in detailed conversations, you need to have the same hobbies, likes or dislikes. If she likes or is very involved in music and he hates it, they could have a serious problem.If a man drinks or smokes or likes to go to bars, a women who doesn’t drink or smoke may not be interested in going out on a date to his favorite pub. Remember, the above says “at least some,” not all of the same interests. This keeps the relationship interesting.

10. To feel loved and cherished – Girls are always brought up in a loving and pampering way.They desire to be pampered in a relationship too.Whether it is through a warm embrace or a genuine look, love her as if she is your greatest and most prized possession.

men – misunderstood

Men are the wonderful species who are often misunderstood.Being the silent breed,they are unable to express their emotions like women and are misunderstood .I was randomly searching things and got this wonderful thing about ” Men”.

Here it is,A survey being conducted on group of men for what they seek for in life and how are they never understood.List of things men want in their life.

1. Money, money, money. Put ’10 crore or so in his account and never hassle him with tax issues – and voila, you have one happy man.”

2. Women who don’t expect us to be mind readers. They don’t want silicon goddesses, or size- zero babes with the sex appeal of stick insects. But they wish women could be more direct in communicating. ” They must specify if they just want to be listened to or they seek advice. Tell us what’s wrong..

3. A girl who can read our minds. When were men ever fair? They may not want to read a woman’s mind, but they do want women to read what’s on theirs.

4 .Maturity . Women grow up faster than men, experts say.But men feel women should be more mature.But if they are so mature, why don’t they know how to react when a man is angry.

5. S. E. X. All things in life for a man revolve around the three- letter- word.” We agree that men can’t think beyond their pants. They think about it 25 hours a day.

6 .S- P- A- C- E. It is sacred for them. They need it and crave for it badly. ” We need a room of our own, where we can lock ourselves up and not be bothered even if the world falls apart.

7. Drink without snobbery.Chuck taking in the aroma of wines and Scotch – this snobbery won’t lead you anywhere.

8 .A job that pays us to go on vacation. All of them seem to be big on adventure sport, even if they chicken out on a roller coaster ride.

” Trekking trips and adventure treks, all paid for.

9. Night out with the guys. At least once week, a stag night- out because they don’t want their world to always revolve around the women in their lives.

10. Shopping is a pain at times.It is quite painful when your mother/ sister/ wife/ girlfriend cannot decide on what she wants to buy.

11 .To be the life of a party. So what if they can’t move their bodies like Michael Jackson or a John Travolta. So what if they are good only at a bad bhangra or a saphera dance? Your man loves the idea of grabbing all the attention at a party and is proud of his dance moves even if they make you wince.

12. Jacuzzi + Sauna. A luxurious bath in a jacuzzi, a glass of beer and a sexy woman at one’s side.

13. To be treated like babies.” We are always pampering the women in our life,” says Raghavan. ” Except our mother, no one else pampers us that much. Sometimes we also want to be the baby in the relationship,”

14 .Party every month . They want one big party a month without worrying about dropping drunk friends home or cleaning up the vomit on the carpet.

15. Gizmos, gadgets, mean machines. A car that would make heads turn. A smart phone with unlimited data connection, GPS and turn- by- turn navigation ( men don’t like asking for directions) along with an organiser and reminders that can jolt you from slumber. ”

16. They want people to drive in their lanes and obviously non- bumpy roads with no traffic. And yes, the traffic cops should treat us like royalty.

17.     No alarm clocks. We are lazy, they admit.                                                                                                                                                And women – mothers, sisters, wives should understand the importance of five more minutes of sleep.

18 . Food, food, food and more food.True, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. ” We don’t expect our better-halves to cook like our mothers, all we want is for them to learn the basics of good cooking and we are ready to help them in the kitchen,”

19. Dhishoom dhishoom. They want to be able to pick up a guy and throw him like a soft ball, and impress the audience.

20 . A surprise bonus/ promotion/ hike. Once in a while, men would look forward to some surprise perks. Recession is over… so there’s no excuse, they say.

21. No bills. They don’t want to be bothered with bills.

22. Corrupt politicians caught in sting operation. Men like talking about big things like politics and governance. ” We love watching politician caught in a sting operation.

Dying to b alive

Sometimes, when i am lying like  a dead corpse on my bed ,I think of death and life.I travel to places beyond the universe.I look inside me search for what remains alive.The place i visit is  a silent sea that lets its waves come and go..I sit there as  a soul waiting for the life to come and give me a new birth.They say the sea would freeze as snow keeps falling on me.Its freezing,snow is falling like dew drops from heaven .I do not feel anything.I lie there lifeless.

I hear no words, I sense nothing .Its beyond what can be termed as “Silence”.Its complete tranquility which listens to the noise of winds..sounds of wave that comes and goes.It listens to the snow that falls on the waters.It shows to me the white lotus in blue waters which looks so divine.My life ceases to exist.Its perfection I see as  a soul.

My body seems to be dead.It merely covered my soul inside.What is life now? Is it being in a universe which does not lets me  live the way I want,Or is it the life that calls me towards eternity,free will and independence.A place where my thoughts could be as free as  a nightingale to sing and sing and die.Where my individuality can be itself without any kind of artificiality.

Where I can be a free soul unhindered by all existing things.I do not wear a skin, neither  do I belong to any place,Nor do I pray to certain God.What i think , I become.What i dream off becomes  a reality.I do not have to prove myself as  a soul as  we need to prove ourselves as human beings .I am blessed by eternity.Love is the only thing that touches me.Happiness knows no name as it is the only thing that exists.

I travel to roads which are beautiful.They do not end anywhere.Destination never arrives.I have to go on searching for someone to come,something to arrive,someone to tell me why i go on walking on this path which leads to nowhere.The answer is the path leads to Death.The journey is a called ” life”.

Mag- Nik

okay..So first the time in my life,I am gonna do something insane inspired by my sweetest friend , Mag

It would not create any disastrous bomb explosions like Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it will sure paint  a beautiful smile on someone which is  worth a million dollar.My life took a new turn when i started with my blog.My world was just my little diaries which spoke of my happiness,sadness,grievances, complaints or anything which had reached my heart.I started with my blog ” The Simple Soul”.It did not attracted much attention first three months.Slowly,i came to be known among bloggers.I was admired for my plain writing or straight from heart words.I was on top of the world.

My Blog had to take a  re birth as ” Pearls Of Wisdom”.One day accidentally,I saw Indi blogger badge on one of the blogs.Got myself added there and was lucky enough to meet angels of my life.I may sound silly but its like my own world.I got greatest of writers here.Each one was blessed with a talent.Everyone was  special gift from God.A few inspired , a few made me laugh , a few got me tears , a few made me smile.

I met this blogger “Mag” who made me feel home the very fist time.Some kind of comfort zone created automatically.Deepak and Hemal ,if edited , the post would be incomplete.We all had the best time talking to each other about absolutely nothing.Seriously , we could go on and on and on and we continue to endlessly.I guess, the kind of bond Mag and me share is unique.When we are there on the form , its always fun.Someone whom i know can make me smile always.

About him as  a person , I feel he is fun to be with,completely insane who can do anything , say anything and write anything.His blog is a glimpse of him.He has the courage and guts to talk about things people fear of.His writings are straight from heart , added with spice of wit and honey of intelligence.He speaks about virginity , flirtation, Addiction, beer,hostel life,affairs , relationships,betrayals,commitments and crushes.So,its a full time masala blog.

I don’ t know,I had disappoint you or make you smile, Mag.

You are one of the rockstars of blogosphere.I am proud to have a partner like you and we can win any war had you been there with me.

One thing about me you could not have ever guessed..what i never show to you..I am feminist to the core.

Being a girl is what i am really proud of..We, the most beautiful species on earth.Girls are the beings who are innocent at heart ,blessed with a softhearted nature and sensible beings who are empowered with emotional strength.Like rose petals in rain – beautiful ,serene and purest of all.

We are romantic to the core..the innocence in us makes us loved.We can always make men go crazy by things we do for them.We do silly things and make you smile.We ask for a date and get it even on busiest of your days.Isn’t it true ?

We can  make things come alive.A girl has so much of life within her that objects seem to speak up in her presence.The way we care for our wardrobe,our gifts,dried flowers,chocolate wrappers and dresses can be termed ” Silly” by a few.In reality ,we make things come to life.

We can always drive you crazy by just a look into your eyes.A smile passed can make you wait endlessly for us all your nights.A hug can make you loose yourself.A word of praise by us could be cherished by you all your life.We can actually make you realize this world isn’t that bad.

All of the above statements are an instant reaction for the lines i read by Kamala Das which had hurt me deep inside.I am a Feminist to the core.I feel women are the privileged beings on the earth ans just cause they have more of patience , they can’t be put to test always.Men should respect and love the species fro it’s here they find all the peace and love and warmth to share.The world could have been brought to doom had we not been there to give our laps for you to sleep,our ears to listen your heart, our love to let go your hatred.

The lines were  –

I don’t know politics but I know the names
Of those in power, and can repeat them like
Days of week, or names of months, beginning with Nehru.

When I asked for love, not knowing what else to ask
For, he drew a youth of sixteen into the
Bedroom and closed the door, He did not beat me
But my sad woman-body felt so beaten.
The weight of my breasts and womb crushed me.
I shrank Pitifully.

It is I who laugh, it is I who make love
And then, feel shame, it is I who lie dying
With a rattle in my throat. I am sinner,
I am saint. I am the beloved and the
Betrayed. I have no joys that are not yours, no
Aches which are not yours. I too call myself I.

A gift of God to us should be valued and cherished.

moments !!!

Moments we term as ” life”. Moments which make us fall in love with life.Someone ask my life to flourish me with such moments !!

When i am walking down the streets listening to my favorite music and staring at the trees passing by,looking ta the kids playing on the road side, a husband kissing a wife on forehead while leaving for office,lady in balcony just out of sleep and flowers which have fallen down on the street.

Moments spent with him that are the blessings of god to me. When he is low and all he says to me is ‘ ” I need a hug”.When he lets his arms cover me and he drives single handed.When he brushes my hairs from the eyes and puts them behind my ears.When he has that worried face while dropping me back home just cause he knows i would be late.

when you know a scene in movie has made me afraid,you bring that hand on my head and cuddle me in your arms as if saying ,” i am here baby”.When i say,i had a fight with mom and you say , ” she loves you beta”.When you are on call with me and as soon as you we are done , i get  a text from you ” i love you”.

When i shout on you cause you didn’t had your lunch or drive in rush and you listen quietly all i have to say and whisper ” khush to bahut hogi mujhe dant ke”. When i feel how blessed i am to have you in my life.

When a friend suddenly texts you ” i love you” and i am in confusion as in was it for me.I enquire and she says , ” tere liye hi tha dusht”.

When someone tells me he/ she is waiting for my new post or someone appreciates my work or says ” i am beautiful in thoughts at heart at soul ”

When i am in a super angry mood and someone gets me  ice creams.

When i sit down on floor with all my childhood greeting cards,letters ,gifts and diaries.I read them one by one and see myself growing up as a human being.When i look at those dried roses and the memories erupt in my mind like volcanoes.When i can feel tears falling down my cheeks and I wonder is it for i am happy or i am sad.