I don’t know what I am lost somewhere,wanting something new to happen,waiting for a dream to come true,waiting for someone to come and change my life,wanting someone to make me come alive,free me from all the bandages,wanting to take a deep breath of fresh air.

I  desire to stay alone yet want someone not to leave me and hold me tightly when i say ,” Leave me alone”.I am all lost somewhere yet wanting someone to keep on saying cause i am dying to listen.

Waiting for things to change , my life to take a new turn,things to rejuvenate and revolutionize but what and how is still a mystery.

I am not expecting any answers to unending questions,Neither do i want to trouble you with my worries.I write for myself,Don’t know why but it gives me peace inside that there is a place in this world where i can peacefully come and leave all my worries and move outside  as a new person