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Irrevocably in Love

Yeah , I am irrevocably in love.The feeling of ” Love” is what makes me come back to life.

I can’t tell you now
You’re not here to listen to what I’ve got to say
All my words unplanned
Just like us they are waiting
To come together
I don’t know if we’re ready to take our chance

But I, oh I, I’m gonna fix this world up for you
I’ll try, I’ll try to build it all around you
You’ll never gonna have to be alone
You’ll always know you got someone
To fix the world up for you

Well I’ll bet I’ll get it wrong
More times that I get it right
And I won’t even realize it
But I’ve been doing all I can
To stop you falling
Even now I’m holding my breath for you

But you don’t know, you don’t know
That I’m ready to hold you now, hold you now

I, oh I, I’m gonna fix this world up for you
I’ll try, I’ll try to build it all around you
You’ll never gonna have to be alone
Yeah you’ll alway now you got someone
To fix the world up for you

Gonna fix the world up, up for you
Gonna fix the world up, up for you
Gonna fix the world up, up for you


After a long long time , Delhi is being blessed by the beautiful , bright and sunny day.Rains have been over abundant over the city creating havoc in form of floods.It appears  soothing to eyes the yellow rays ,the clear sky and the warmth in the climate.I was able to see a rainbow too with almost all colors.The day brings positive energy to me and makes things look coming to life again.

It reminds me of one such rainy day and one story weaving in my mind of a fairy and  one rain- lover whom she met.He who loves to drive on silent roads surrounded by shady trees and can glimpse paradise in the wet roads.They are to him most beautiful view of rains unlike the dew drops on flowers and water dropping by leaves.He had the immense love in him or say it erupted in him after they met.Someone with whom she felt known since ages.They  could talk endlessly and  always came up with similarities.His words appealed to her in every sense.

Sometimes, she  wonder is she  really worthy of the love she receives from my friends and my loved ones.He called her , ” A girl straight out of dreams”.Words that were heard by  ears , sensed by  eyes, felt by  heart and seeped deep inside her soul.She  could  easily be flattered by words, i believe every girl can be.Its been said , ” Man falls in love through his eyes and  a Woman through her ears”.He was the one who equated her with a sweet angel with wings.An angel who had come on earth to spread love everywhere.

She was being taken to the land of dreams  where i was the princess.He was the prince who wanted to take her to his world far away.He promised to stand by her  side and she  could see the truth in his eyes.The queen was in dilemma as she feared what would king do if he comes to know about it.She was madly in love with the King who considered her the most prized  possession  and a God’s own gift to him.The Prince inquired about the King to assure himself, the queen was in safe hands.The rain lover slowly started moving away and forgot her like a sweet dream.The queen gets back to her fairyland and her happy moments are back.

When they both sit in rain outside looking at the roads, the wet roads.A thought passes by their minds about the beautiful moments of their lives which brings a smile to them.

The Prince was a traveler who came from far and distant lands and met his princess .Now its time to travel again to wherever rain-soaked rains may take him.

Mag- Nik

okay..So first the time in my life,I am gonna do something insane inspired by my sweetest friend , Mag

It would not create any disastrous bomb explosions like Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it will sure paint  a beautiful smile on someone which is  worth a million dollar.My life took a new turn when i started with my blog.My world was just my little diaries which spoke of my happiness,sadness,grievances, complaints or anything which had reached my heart.I started with my blog ” The Simple Soul”.It did not attracted much attention first three months.Slowly,i came to be known among bloggers.I was admired for my plain writing or straight from heart words.I was on top of the world.

My Blog had to take a  re birth as ” Pearls Of Wisdom”.One day accidentally,I saw Indi blogger badge on one of the blogs.Got myself added there and was lucky enough to meet angels of my life.I may sound silly but its like my own world.I got greatest of writers here.Each one was blessed with a talent.Everyone was  special gift from God.A few inspired , a few made me laugh , a few got me tears , a few made me smile.

I met this blogger “Mag” who made me feel home the very fist time.Some kind of comfort zone created automatically.Deepak and Hemal ,if edited , the post would be incomplete.We all had the best time talking to each other about absolutely nothing.Seriously , we could go on and on and on and we continue to endlessly.I guess, the kind of bond Mag and me share is unique.When we are there on the form , its always fun.Someone whom i know can make me smile always.

About him as  a person , I feel he is fun to be with,completely insane who can do anything , say anything and write anything.His blog is a glimpse of him.He has the courage and guts to talk about things people fear of.His writings are straight from heart , added with spice of wit and honey of intelligence.He speaks about virginity , flirtation, Addiction, beer,hostel life,affairs , relationships,betrayals,commitments and crushes.So,its a full time masala blog.

I don’ t know,I had disappoint you or make you smile, Mag.

You are one of the rockstars of blogosphere.I am proud to have a partner like you and we can win any war had you been there with me.

Ever wondered how would have life been had everything been perfect and flawless..Just imagine everything as we always wanted to be.everything in order and on time.Had it not been a a boring world !!!

No lies, no worries, nothing to cry for, nothing to worry about,nothing that could be made better.You would smile for no follies as they no longer exist.There would be no silly things done to make you giggle all of a sudden.Hence, aimless life,no secrets , no hidden truths, no mystery , nothing to be discovered .

No one to call a best friend as every one would be so kind and generous.No special bonds with particular people as every one is the same.No one to envy from as we all have got same amount of luxuries.No gossips,nothing saucy to talk about.You share the same understanding with everyone.Anyone in this world can understand you,So,you do not have to be dependent on anyone special.

There would have been all perfect relationships.No extra marital affairs,It doesn’t mean i approve them .Lovers would not feel special about each other or their relationship as each couple out is as much loving and as much genuine as they are.You are one among all the perfect beings.Nothing makes you unique or your relation out of the world.

Nothing can hurt you, no one would give you tears.Hence,no reason to cuddle your baby and sleep in his arms while crying.Missing the most precious moments of our lives.Talking about how perfect everything around is could be such wastage of time.

You would feel no ecstasy in the special moments of your life as its the only thing that actually happens.Life would be full of perfect moments and we would look for some mistakes,some lies to be told,some mischief to be done,something to go wrong.

When nothing could be ugly or vulgar or bad.Everything beautiful .How could the beauty of things be felt ? What would make one thing look better than other when everything would be just perfect.

It’s just a small effort by me to bring out the fact that the world is beautiful cause its made up of good and evil..The so called ” Perfect world” is not so appealing and worthwhile.


We always talk about love and relationships..Friends,the most beautiful bond being created is often ignored.Friends are those beautiful souls in our lives who catch your first tear,stop the second and make sure the third doesn’t comes out.So,here i am dedicating this post to my blogging friends.

I would like to confess one thing that blogging has changed my life.I got some wonderful friends here whom I had like to keep intact all my life with me.Here,I am disclosing every bit about my new friends.

Americanising Desi, Crazy Diamond, Bebo,Pooja,Meher ,Nostalgic, Scribbling girl,Mademoiselle Deva and Miss R – You all are my little fairies.Your comments and your appraisal made me smile always.I love you all as wonderful souls you are.Your blogs had inspired me to write more.Your presence on my blog made it come actually alive.I had always keep you close to my heart.Wish the journey continues.A token of love for all my fairies.

Shanu,Harshad,Richa,Deepak,Sovina,Harini,TOI,Neeraj,Vish,Anonymous Someone,Mr.Happy,Lemon and Sachin – You guys were always so loving and generous in leaving  a mark on my blog.You people made me smile too.It was always a pleasure to visit your blogs and leave comments there.Each one of you is  a gem ,I have found.Here,is a love token for all of you.

Mayank who was a stranger to me few days back has become such a close friend.We are so much alike.I love the kind of bond we share.See,just for you.This one I had also like to share with Saurav Pandey, you are the one whom i can count in special bonds.

Mag (m),Deepak ,Hemal,Punam and Ria – Although, we have not talked much,not shared much but you guys have been there for me on my new blog.You people made me feel part of family.And Hemal and Mag,specially,It’s so much fun being with you guys.A token of love for all of you .

And here is a common one for all of us.

quick..quick… quick…

lolz…here,i am taking up a tag of random questions.

Love or Lust   –  Love

Food or Make up  –  Food ( hehe…pretty people don’t need much make up)

Jeans or Skirts   – Skirts ..(more of a girly thing )

Pizza or Pasta  – Pasta with white sauce….ummmm…

Black or White – Black to wear and white to soothe the eyes.

Husband or Boyfriend – A husband,undoubtedly.

Roses or Orchids  – Roses – white.

Beauty or Brains – Brains !!

Beach or Hills – Beaches…..

Cats or Dogs – Dogs.

Tea or Coffee – Tea.

Books or i- pod  – Books.

Red wine or White wine – Red wine.

Writing or Reading – both.

Eyes or Smile – Smile.

Summers or Winters – Winters.

Secluded,pristine beach in Andaman or warm and cosy cottage in Swiss Alps  – Do i need to say,Secluded Beach,obviously.

I tag all those who read it.It’s fun.


A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy

We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh

A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one.

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not