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“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we sleep and when we awake.”
John Milton

I believe in Angels ,I have faith that God has sent some special guardian Angels in our life who protect us from evil.Angels could be of different types.A few of them only come to us when we are in trouble,They come to us as  strangers , take us out of hurdles and leave for Heavens.A few of them are God’s favorite who always stay with them and sing glories.

One specific kind of Angels are childish ,notorious and Naughty by nature.They play mischief like children and love to create confusion on Earth.They do not willingly hurt people but the child in them is naughty enough to do it.They always make you smile.They love to have get together s , dance in parties, get drunk and play mischief s.I have one such Angel in my life, Mansi Mehta .

She is the Naughty Angel of my life who always makes em smile and hugs me tight like a baby even id we had hugged just an hour before.She has a heart of Gold.As I mentioned above,such breed of angels are half human .They make mistakes and cry too.They smile and make everyone smile wherever they go.They are themselves unaware of their Origin from Paradise.Angels in heavens search for them and they hide as they love to be on earth.lolz.

She is someone who makes me feel life is beautiful.She becomes an entire group to hang out with alone .I do not really feel the need for someone else to join as she completes my bunch.Its wonderful how she makes me feel and how special I feel with her.Being half human , she is good to gossip with too.lols.

She is like a tiny tot who has a very pure heart and immense love to share.The smallest of things they do for us makes us feel blessed.The touch of paradise could be the reason.They make you feel you are living in heavens as they pass on the positivity and purity of their thoughts by their touch and their words.

I feel really really special to live in her heart.These Angels make me survive in the cold universe with the warmth of love to share.

I love you…

And I know where are you from….

😉 😉

P.S – let the Naughty Angels in your life know we know about  their Origin .

So much to say..

You know what , I am feeling short of words today.I feel there is so much to be said and yet words do not come out..Silence is what I want you to read.I want you to read my eyes which are filled with tears .I want you to read my lips which are struggling to bring a fake smile.Read my chin which wavers and shivers as words are stopped somewhere from coming out.

Read the movements my fingers are making to let you know I am hurt .Read my eyes which ask you to hug me tight and tell me , ” I am always there for you”.Incredible,A hug could be at times.Isn’t it amazing How we tend to forget all the worries of our lives in an instant in someone arms.It is one of the best ways to express our Love for someone and to pass on the warmth of it.Divine..

I hope, I am not sounding weird..I need to talk..or I ‘ll break down.I am resigning from my job.It was my decision.As in my last post ,I said , Letting go is not easy for me.In some earlier posts,I had even mentioned Witches in my life as my colleagues..Keeping them aside,I had a wonderful time.I met a few angels too – whom I had keep close to my heart forever.But something is pinching me.It could be the change in my life…What I hate .Although,I have my exams coming in December and someone special had asked me to make it 70% this time,Its still hurting me.

I do not know what to do,I need lots of hugs for sure…I need to be alone with myself.I came to my paradise,My blog where i spread pearls of wisdom by a Simple Soul..Perfect place to seek for peace and love.I want to listen to some beautiful songs.I want to have a drunk party to forget everything.Want to say to myself , “ Life goes on girl”.Its only because I have not learned to believe it , I keep reciting it to learn.We used to speak our lessons ten times when we could not learn it.Same ways.lolz..

I want to cry badly for no good reason to cry..Isn’t it stupid to cry because you are quitting your job for better opportunities that awaits you.So stupid and illogical of me.But again ,that’s what i am.And it’s not my first time.Still..every time, I cry.Bad girl, they say.

I myself want to grow up now.Enough of Bachpana now.I still want to go on talking and boring you…But , jao maaf kia…

Destiny is a controversial term in my dictionary.It amazes me and startles me.Yet , I feel sometimes,It never existed.We see ourselves as we are in the relationships we share with people.I read it somewhere and I truly believe in it.Some relationships stay with us throughout our lives without any efforts.Quite a few come and go without even letting us know they are gone.A very few of them go and come back to us wanting us all the more .Its strange a beautiful phenomena.

I have closely studied myself and found Supernatural , Intense and Passionate Love is what is a part of me.My love is unending and the only thing i seek for survival.90 % of the times , I am not in the world i see but in the world I love to be.Loneliness does not kills me unlike a few men.I seek eternity and perfect contentment in silence.I love to be alone in my thoughts where Its only me .I do not seek for any compliments or understanding in my world.I , myself am more than enough to have a complete universe.

Its when my soul travels back to this earth,I seek for Love.Undying and Unending passionate love.A very few relationships in this universe entangles me.I have not found much souls who know their worth , they are content in being mere bodies.The relationships ,I have created in my life are worth my life.I can’t think of my life without them.

One such bond in my life I had like to keep with me till further coming lives.I met a  girl when i was  admitted in nursery.I shared my surname with her.I came to know our parents were good friends.We became friends.The first relationship of my life which I had chose for myself .We played together.We made sketches together.We made stories together.

Time went by and we grew old.We were teenagers now.Although , always being together, we never could be best of friends.A kind of cold war existed between us which kept us away.Surprisingly, we had clashes on crushes as we happened to like the same guy.We failed to realize how similar were we.School days were about to end.We came closer as the minds had grown up too.I felt at ease with her,completely at ease.

We happened to be neighbors , school buddies and college friends too.We became perfect friends when we shared the English Literature.It tied us together in a never ending bond.When i feel like discussing with someone about the things that do not exist or people believe us insane to talk about,I feel she is the best person to talk too.The kind of quality of our conversations is divine.When i know something had touched me deeply , I know she felt the perfectly same way.Its divine, I truly believe.Being Capricorn and Taurus pair too, we share the perfect compatibility.She is one of the fewest creatures on earth with whom I can talk endless.

In a way , Destiny has kept us together.We always get into our real selves no matter we had met after years.I perfectly match with her soul.She is a beautiful human being , rarest of all , I had say.I feel its like a God’ own gift to me .A blessing from God which makes me feel Divinity among us.God wants us to be together always and I want to be with you in coming lives too.We have grown up together and I wish to see us old together too.

Love you a lot.

moments !!!

Moments we term as ” life”. Moments which make us fall in love with life.Someone ask my life to flourish me with such moments !!

When i am walking down the streets listening to my favorite music and staring at the trees passing by,looking ta the kids playing on the road side, a husband kissing a wife on forehead while leaving for office,lady in balcony just out of sleep and flowers which have fallen down on the street.

Moments spent with him that are the blessings of god to me. When he is low and all he says to me is ‘ ” I need a hug”.When he lets his arms cover me and he drives single handed.When he brushes my hairs from the eyes and puts them behind my ears.When he has that worried face while dropping me back home just cause he knows i would be late.

when you know a scene in movie has made me afraid,you bring that hand on my head and cuddle me in your arms as if saying ,” i am here baby”.When i say,i had a fight with mom and you say , ” she loves you beta”.When you are on call with me and as soon as you we are done , i get  a text from you ” i love you”.

When i shout on you cause you didn’t had your lunch or drive in rush and you listen quietly all i have to say and whisper ” khush to bahut hogi mujhe dant ke”. When i feel how blessed i am to have you in my life.

When a friend suddenly texts you ” i love you” and i am in confusion as in was it for me.I enquire and she says , ” tere liye hi tha dusht”.

When someone tells me he/ she is waiting for my new post or someone appreciates my work or says ” i am beautiful in thoughts at heart at soul ”

When i am in a super angry mood and someone gets me  ice creams.

When i sit down on floor with all my childhood greeting cards,letters ,gifts and diaries.I read them one by one and see myself growing up as a human being.When i look at those dried roses and the memories erupt in my mind like volcanoes.When i can feel tears falling down my cheeks and I wonder is it for i am happy or i am sad.

answer to my prayers

Like every girl,I too had some misconceptions regarding life .I had believed if i am right,nothing wrong can happen with me.I had believed destiny can only decide what i get in my life.I had believe love is only pure love and nothing else.I had misconceptions about myself.Exactly,what do i look for in my life,was unknown to me.I had stooped infront of folks cause i believed there is nothing special about me.As being said,”Everything happens for a reason”.It happened.I got an answer to my prayers and blessings from my loved ones.

Bliss of holding hands which makes me feel one soul,which makes me feel safer.It unites me with your heart and soul.

Bliss of a kiss bestowed on forehead for every worry on my face.

Bliss of those fragrances of fresh flowers hiding behind you which brightens up my day.

Bliss of warm hugs when i need them the most.

For the warmth i feel.

For making me feel special always.

For those dances,I had with you.

For making my life a beautiful place to live in.

For tolerating the worst in me,when i don’t speak and i don’t listen.

For making me feel blessed.

me,deep inside

An overtly emotional gal,who cries on terrace alone when hurt.She feels lonely in a crowd of people,She enjoys looking at birds,listening to the rain outside.She talks and talks and talks until all her pain comes out in form of tears.She is someone who cares for everything thing and everyone who is a part of her life.She forgives those who have hurt her and continue to do so.She stays friend with merciless people who only aim to make the best use of her.

A girl who looks for something new to happen each day.Someone who looks at future with lots of beautiful colours.A girl who wants to enjoy the moment she is in, A girl who had choose a small house by the side of a river than a luxury apartment.A girl who would smile for a little flower gifted to her ,a smile passed on when she arrives or a gentle hug to her.

A girl who stays lost in her dream world.She visits the beautiful valleys when her heart smiles and gets lost in a dusky place  when she is alone.she cries in her dreams on a lonely island when words cant heal her pain.She finds a solution to all the worries in those distant lands where nobody comes.

A girl who desires for no gold and no luxuries.All she wants is love and care.She never moves back when the friendship needs help.Her love for humanity is immense.She cares for the tiny plant about to emerge in a garden.She cares for the little insect trembling in pain just cause it came beneath her feet.All she wants from her loved one is – love.

A girl who holds on to certain principles in her life.Someone whose ears go red when trying to tell a lie.A girl who would do what is  right despite the fact she goes against her friends.Someone who had never believe her heart could be wrong in what it says.

A girl who values respect above love.She desire for love,respect and loyalty in a relationship.She does not believes in stooping down infront of someone just cause she is born in a girl’s body.She is someone who had once being told,”I had show you your place ” and She answered back,”You hadn’t picked me from garbage,I was always a precious jewel which you unfortunately never realised the worth of”.

She is someone who had a modern perspective to look at things and still does finds peace in a church.She has her dreams which are purest of all and she would make them all come true.Someone who very few have the privilege to understand and love her what she is.

will you !!!

will you be with me in all my dreams and fantasies,will you be in black and me in white and walk along the beach like a newly married christian couple.

will you be always there for me whenever i feel like being a little stupid and hugging you all of a sudden anytime and anywhere.

will you silently hold my hands inside the dinning table when i tickle your feet.

will you just give me a tight hug when i am sad and depressed and i feel no words can describe what hell i am going through.

will you hold me in your arms like a baby even when i become a little heavier.

will you sit by my side and listen to all silly and monotonous talks,when i feel like.will you listen to me when i am hurt and i want to curse a bitch in my life.will you just give me your ears and a shoulder to lean on.

will you sometimes come and ask me for any help i need or suddenly give me a hug when i am making your favourite dish.

will you sometimes plan little surprises for me or send me flowers or leave love notes in my room.

will you wait for me while i take a little more time in getting ready.Will you just look at me lovingly when i wear those footwears or put an eyeliner on my eyes.

will you always find my arms to hold on,even in thousands of others.

will you be the same loving and caring darling even when we grow old.

will you !!!

let me be a simple soul

Lord let me be a simple soul,
No matter what life brings.
Finding joy in solitude,
And peace in little things.
Content to watch the grasses grow,
And all the flowers bloom,
Bringing sunlight to the lives
That may be touched with gloom.
Lord let me be a simple soul,
However grand this earth,
And never let me once forget
How much my soul is worth.
Blind me to the things of life,
That cause the heart to stray,
And keep me just a simple soul
….Forever and a day.

U know wat !!

One of the best things we can do is to think about ourselves and reach the depth of our heart to unreveal the real ” me”.

1. my name- Nikita
Nikita means “unconquered”.It is derived from the Greek goddess of victory”Nike”.In indian context it means, “a dew drop from heaven”.It also stems from the Russian word which means”light”.In haryana,it could mean” as beautiful as the moon”.In Sanskrit ,it means “Beautiful”.I am also known as “Chinky”which is a cute one.

2. my age – 22
I guess,an age which wavers between being responsible and being childish.One needs to face the real world,work hard for career as its now or never.An age when you ought to decide the further ages to come be paved which way. of my friends- ruchi.
she has come into my life like an angel.we share one of the most wonderful bonds.I can speak out my heart,cry aloud,be childlike,get pampered,shout and let my anger free.just can’t imagine life without her.

4. one of my fears- Acceptability
I have a fear of of my concerns of life is what people think about me .it hurts me to know,quite a few don’t like me as i am. of my strengths – Patience
i am being blessed with lots of patience.i can wait for something i love,all my life.i do not fret or regret in sacrificing my little happiness for those whom i care about.i believe in being content in what we have. thing that irritates.
there actually are  a thousand things bit one that haunts me is – those who touch my things without my permission.i love smallest of things that belongs to me and am very possessive about all of them.If you ask me for it,i would give it.if you try to sneak it out,you’ll have a tough time. thing that makes me smile
ice creams,they can bring a smile on my face anger begins to melt down with the melting ice cream.i really love melted ice creams. of birth- 16 January 1988
A Capricorn female is like that goat, which has to reach the top of the mountain. It doesn’t matter what position she starts and how slowly she walks, she will be at the top much before those, who were running in front of her.they have an inherent sense of social elegance, modesty and conventional look. Though she looks completely calm, composed and balanced, don’t think she doesn’t have mood swings.

9.idea of perfect date
My idea of perfect date is on a lonely island where only me and him would walk holding hands,cuddling each other,giggle and laugh,see the sun rise and sunsets,lie down looking at the beautiful sky. favourite colour
blue is my favourite colour which symbolises peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order and loyalty.

11. You can also find me
I am also living in another blog-