We all are different,different tastes,different beliefs,different aims and different ,unique ways to look at things..I am in a different state of mind today.Like never before..i am bringing out my imagination of my kind of man..Do’s and Don’ts of my kind of man.

A big yes- yes to well-dressed men.Someone who can walk on the floor and make people around  look up at him.A descent dressing sense with no trying to attract attention yet being noticed.

A yes- yes to someone who can be really good with kids.One who can play with them and laugh at their innocence and forgive them for their mischiefs.

A big no-no to six pack abs…be the natural you..you always are more appealing in normal looking body.

A yes- yes to ambitious,hardworking men who have certain aim in life and reach the heights.

A yes-yes to one who can enjoy making food and serving sometime…sometimes atleast.

A bigger no-no to those who become violent when angry..one of the things i fear.

A big no-no to one who stares another girl when on date..hate it.

A big no-no to smokers…

A big yes- yes to someone who knows how to make me smile.

A big no-no to spiky hairs.

A big no-no to tattoos…anywhere on the body.

A big no-no to party animals…drinking in limits is always goody goody thing to do.

A yes- yes to someone polite enough to kiss your hands and ask for a date.

A yes- yes to someone who can always open the door for me to get inside.

A yes- yes to a good planner who can plan surprises.

A yes- yes to romantic and lovable ones.Someone who can make simple things of life really worth living for.

A yes-yes to sweet,cuddling and huggable men.

A yes- yes to something as sweet and innocent as this.

So,here lies the do’s and don’ts..hope you enjoyed.



I enjoyed it alot…