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The Road to Love

I have collaborated the post with my sweetheart Mayank

It was a rainy December day in Delhi. The ice cold weather was giving countless people a reason to stay indoors and just sleep. But perhaps nothing in the city that day was as cold as her eyes as she stood near her car. She was feeling dead from inside and the unspeakable agony was too much to bear.

Her only hope was the promise she had made to herself long time back. “I will never lose to myself”, as she remembered her words; she felt a renewed urge to fight.

She wanted to break free from all the things this world cherished. She hated the ugliness that people often hid behind their fake sugar-coated words.

She hated the much-prevalent hypocrisy. She wanted to reclaim her life. Every ounce of her was screaming out only one word: Freedom. She had to choose between that or the voices coming from the background urging her to give in and ‘join the crowd’.

She looked at her car and the open wet road ahead, looking pretty after the cool winter rain. And she knew her answer.

She did not gave it a second thought as she would waver from her decision.She jumped in the car and drove me it far away.Her eyes were shinning like twinkling stars.

The smile on her face made her look truly beautiful.Her inner soul had freed herself from the chains of society.Although, the roads were unraveled ,she knew exactly where to go as her destination was a vision in her mind clear like dew drops on leaves Early Morning.

The wet roads seemed like mirror and she could see herself smiling like the entire universe was celebrating her Freedom.The sky looked peaceful,The stars twinkling brighter and the Moon wanted to come down to her to gaze at her Beauty in moonless night .

As she drove and drove listening to Lucky Ali and Verve, she noticed another car on the roadside with a guy standing at its edge just looking at the nice stars. She felt a weird need to get down and ask him who he was. She gave in to that temptation and stopped her car.

As she approached the guy, his perfect face became crystal clear in moonlight. Perfect black hair, lines of deep thought on forehead and a look that would scare everyone away. But not her. She felt something right as she approached him to ask who he was, in that silent night.
To be continued…

Love makes me insane ..

Love is a  feeling that makes me go insane.When i think of me and him looking into each others eyes in rain.when the drops of water drench us inside making us lost in a different world.

When i think of getting crazy in rain with him.The feeling of utter happiness felt in someone’s arms.

The feeling of one soul and one heart between two human beings.The intensity of passion and love crossed all limits and god unites in them as one.

When i do crazy things and feel so good about them.I think of him and do silly things and enjoy it.

When i find things on my work table very very romantic.

When i drink coffee  and think of him and find myself surrounded by love all around.

When I look at my PC and love surrounds me again.

When every single heart beat of me tries to say the same thing.

tell me how ?

Tell me how ? how do i keep patience and wait for you to come with me !!Tell me how can i stop my mind to waver in the direction you go !! Tell me how can I ask my heart to stop thinking about it and concentrate on my work !! Tell me how to have faith  all my dreams would be reality !!

Tell me how can i ask my heart to stop thinking about you ,tell me how can I be mentally and physically present at places where you aren’t with me .

Tell me how not to imagine you lying by my side and looking into my eyes.Where words become superfluous and silence speaks it all.

Tell me how not to dance with you in my thoughts when my heart is happy inside.

Tell me how can I not imagine you holding me in your arms in those wet,rainy evenings when i get lost in those beautiful worlds.

Tell me how not to miss you when i feel all mush around.

Tell me how not to be wanting to be with you in those happy moments of yours , how not to be wanting to spend some lonely time with you.

Tell me what to do when i just want to climb up into your arms and cuddle you like a baby.

Tell me how not to get lost on those silent beaches at nights with you,when i am hurt,all i need is you.

And if you can’t answer any of these,Just tell me how to be happy without you ?