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A fear haunts me

Yeah,i am being haunted by a does not let me sleep and i get up in a shock,at midnight.Someone help me out.It’s gonna eat me within.I don’t wana live with it.

Fear of getting married.It might shock you as well.I have certain insecurities in mind regarding marriage.I have read its made in heavens,its the most beautiful bond.I have heard people saying how they had actually started living after getting their spouse.I don’t know how much truth lies beneath.It haunts me like a ghost.I get irritated the moment people ask me when are you getting married?.

What i fear is not the responsiblities levied on you or complete devotion to a single man,I fear the longevity of happiness in marriage.I fear,If my husband misunderstands me as a common Indian Girl,who would easily succumb to all his demands.I do not want a man to rule me.I want perfect understanding in my relationship.I fear being an object of  mere attraction.I fear being someone who had always be expected to sacrifice.I fear loss of identity as being just someone’s wife or someone’s mother. I fear loosing my friends.

There are n number of fears associated with me with fear of getting Married.May be its all my illusion or over-imagining of things.It simply haunts me.

a fact

A closed mind will never understand an open heart