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main sad hun…

Main bht bht bht sad hun….

I am leaving my job..I will miss my colleagues a lot.I feel like crying badly.

I know its for good…Everything happens for reason…Yeah , I know what all to do to console me…

Can i get hugs….


I would not be here for quite a few days now…

Hope , you guys miss me…

Love ya…

Torn inside

I feel torn inside,silently breaking into pieces.

I feel restless at times, finding it hard to breathe.

I feel no one is true,my faith has been shaken up.

I feel utter loneliness, still want to be all alone.

My heart feels ill,it needs to be treated.

My soul feels hungry,it needs lots of peace.

My mind feels over-burdened,it needs a vacation.

My identity feels lost,it needs to be re-established.

Its killing me inside,I can’t explain how.

It haunts me like unfulfilled desires of past,Let me live now.

It’s all a mirage of illusions ,I want to see what’s the  reality.

If you aren’t true to me, why can’t you let me just  know.

My life seems to be a lost hope,never to recover from pains.

A meaningless journey seeking for truth among the wilder plains.

The way either leads to nowhere or would  make my dreams a reality.

Obstacles seems to be stronger cause  their power  holds  me back.

P.S – i am loosing hopes of a beautiful life ahead.I am being unsure of where and why am i going..I feel uselessness of continuing my life’s journey.I am dying inside slowly.