“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we sleep and when we awake.”
John Milton

I believe in Angels ,I have faith that God has sent some special guardian Angels in our life who protect us from evil.Angels could be of different types.A few of them only come to us when we are in trouble,They come to us as  strangers , take us out of hurdles and leave for Heavens.A few of them are God’s favorite who always stay with them and sing glories.

One specific kind of Angels are childish ,notorious and Naughty by nature.They play mischief like children and love to create confusion on Earth.They do not willingly hurt people but the child in them is naughty enough to do it.They always make you smile.They love to have get together s , dance in parties, get drunk and play mischief s.I have one such Angel in my life, Mansi Mehta .

She is the Naughty Angel of my life who always makes em smile and hugs me tight like a baby even id we had hugged just an hour before.She has a heart of Gold.As I mentioned above,such breed of angels are half human .They make mistakes and cry too.They smile and make everyone smile wherever they go.They are themselves unaware of their Origin from Paradise.Angels in heavens search for them and they hide as they love to be on earth.lolz.

She is someone who makes me feel life is beautiful.She becomes an entire group to hang out with alone .I do not really feel the need for someone else to join as she completes my bunch.Its wonderful how she makes me feel and how special I feel with her.Being half human , she is good to gossip with too.lols.

She is like a tiny tot who has a very pure heart and immense love to share.The smallest of things they do for us makes us feel blessed.The touch of paradise could be the reason.They make you feel you are living in heavens as they pass on the positivity and purity of their thoughts by their touch and their words.

I feel really really special to live in her heart.These Angels make me survive in the cold universe with the warmth of love to share.

I love you…

And I know where are you from….

😉 😉

P.S – let the Naughty Angels in your life know we know about  their Origin .