You know what , I am feeling short of words today.I feel there is so much to be said and yet words do not come out..Silence is what I want you to read.I want you to read my eyes which are filled with tears .I want you to read my lips which are struggling to bring a fake smile.Read my chin which wavers and shivers as words are stopped somewhere from coming out.

Read the movements my fingers are making to let you know I am hurt .Read my eyes which ask you to hug me tight and tell me , ” I am always there for you”.Incredible,A hug could be at times.Isn’t it amazing How we tend to forget all the worries of our lives in an instant in someone arms.It is one of the best ways to express our Love for someone and to pass on the warmth of it.Divine..

I hope, I am not sounding weird..I need to talk..or I ‘ll break down.I am resigning from my job.It was my decision.As in my last post ,I said , Letting go is not easy for me.In some earlier posts,I had even mentioned Witches in my life as my colleagues..Keeping them aside,I had a wonderful time.I met a few angels too – whom I had keep close to my heart forever.But something is pinching me.It could be the change in my life…What I hate .Although,I have my exams coming in December and someone special had asked me to make it 70% this time,Its still hurting me.

I do not know what to do,I need lots of hugs for sure…I need to be alone with myself.I came to my paradise,My blog where i spread pearls of wisdom by a Simple Soul..Perfect place to seek for peace and love.I want to listen to some beautiful songs.I want to have a drunk party to forget everything.Want to say to myself , “ Life goes on girl”.Its only because I have not learned to believe it , I keep reciting it to learn.We used to speak our lessons ten times when we could not learn it.Same ways.lolz..

I want to cry badly for no good reason to cry..Isn’t it stupid to cry because you are quitting your job for better opportunities that awaits you.So stupid and illogical of me.But again ,that’s what i am.And it’s not my first time.Still..every time, I cry.Bad girl, they say.

I myself want to grow up now.Enough of Bachpana now.I still want to go on talking and boring you…But , jao maaf kia…