Destiny is a controversial term in my dictionary.It amazes me and startles me.Yet , I feel sometimes,It never existed.We see ourselves as we are in the relationships we share with people.I read it somewhere and I truly believe in it.Some relationships stay with us throughout our lives without any efforts.Quite a few come and go without even letting us know they are gone.A very few of them go and come back to us wanting us all the more .Its strange a beautiful phenomena.

I have closely studied myself and found Supernatural , Intense and Passionate Love is what is a part of me.My love is unending and the only thing i seek for survival.90 % of the times , I am not in the world i see but in the world I love to be.Loneliness does not kills me unlike a few men.I seek eternity and perfect contentment in silence.I love to be alone in my thoughts where Its only me .I do not seek for any compliments or understanding in my world.I , myself am more than enough to have a complete universe.

Its when my soul travels back to this earth,I seek for Love.Undying and Unending passionate love.A very few relationships in this universe entangles me.I have not found much souls who know their worth , they are content in being mere bodies.The relationships ,I have created in my life are worth my life.I can’t think of my life without them.

One such bond in my life I had like to keep with me till further coming lives.I met a  girl when i was  admitted in nursery.I shared my surname with her.I came to know our parents were good friends.We became friends.The first relationship of my life which I had chose for myself .We played together.We made sketches together.We made stories together.

Time went by and we grew old.We were teenagers now.Although , always being together, we never could be best of friends.A kind of cold war existed between us which kept us away.Surprisingly, we had clashes on crushes as we happened to like the same guy.We failed to realize how similar were we.School days were about to end.We came closer as the minds had grown up too.I felt at ease with her,completely at ease.

We happened to be neighbors , school buddies and college friends too.We became perfect friends when we shared the English Literature.It tied us together in a never ending bond.When i feel like discussing with someone about the things that do not exist or people believe us insane to talk about,I feel she is the best person to talk too.The kind of quality of our conversations is divine.When i know something had touched me deeply , I know she felt the perfectly same way.Its divine, I truly believe.Being Capricorn and Taurus pair too, we share the perfect compatibility.She is one of the fewest creatures on earth with whom I can talk endless.

In a way , Destiny has kept us together.We always get into our real selves no matter we had met after years.I perfectly match with her soul.She is a beautiful human being , rarest of all , I had say.I feel its like a God’ own gift to me .A blessing from God which makes me feel Divinity among us.God wants us to be together always and I want to be with you in coming lives too.We have grown up together and I wish to see us old together too.

Love you a lot.