Its been ” Too Much” Of everything now.I want to cry badly..I need someone to lend me his shoulders and let me cry whole night.I want someone to ask me hundred times , “What happened Baby” even when every time I say , “Nothing”.

I am fed up of the false relations and masked faces.I want to breathe in pure love,pure unconditional love.It tears me inside to see How ruthless people could be ?Especially girls, where is the innocence in them lost ,where are the etiquette .How can they forget they represent Love and Sacrifice.I can never be  a part of you.I am proud to be alone than being with such crooks.I had always had N number of Witches  in my life,ready to suck out the last drop of blood in you.

Now,I understand why do people say , ” I am still a kid” or call me “Angel” or say they ” Love the way I love”.They all have met the bitches too.Such women destroy the homes they get married into,They bring an end to diligence and courtesy in Office premises.They are the reason why men loose faith in love and make lust their life.I have seen the worst of human beings as my colleagues in my present job.The so called “Corporate World “is a dirty,filthy place where dead bodies come and work.They are emotion -less and fatigue less.They do not have hearts as only mind survives in them which works at the speed of devil’s mind.

“I love kids and old aged people,Its all those in between , I can’t stand”. I am worried for myself.I have started hating men and women to the extent , I feel like killing myself. Why am I here among all the bloody crooks?I am not one of those.I can’t listen all of it,I can’t see it and I never wish to speak all of it.One Witch said to another about the most polite man I had ever seen , 55 years old who is suffering from deadly diseases , ” Is he still alive ?”The other Witch laughs and says ,” Unfortunately,he is”.What do i do ?Should i kill them or kill myself as I have survived in such a world.

I really doubt what kind of families they have and How the hell have they been born and brought up.Bloody Witches who have come on earth to suck our blood.Had they used their master minds in doing something constructive,We would have been the Most Advanced Nation.When i see such breed, I get a feeling of horror movies and black magic and I can visualize them sitting together in a moonless night wearing black dresses praying to their Devil in moonless nights.They all belong to one category “Witches”and they have  a Mother God who trains them how to create havoc at their particular allotted places.

On a serious note ,I feel they are poor victims deprived of love all their lives.Their parents treated the like Waste,Their boyfriends or husbands seek only lust in them and have relations outside.They have been so much deprived of Love , They seek only for hatred.They love to be hated and If anyone dares to love them , Dares to…They get confused.They do not know how to reciprocate love.I feel pity for them and their Lives.

On a much serious note,Such Witches only make me feel how blessed my life is,How my love scares them,How deprived they are to not feel the beauty of Love.Such a life is worth ending when no body dares to love you.