After a long long time , Delhi is being blessed by the beautiful , bright and sunny day.Rains have been over abundant over the city creating havoc in form of floods.It appears  soothing to eyes the yellow rays ,the clear sky and the warmth in the climate.I was able to see a rainbow too with almost all colors.The day brings positive energy to me and makes things look coming to life again.

It reminds me of one such rainy day and one story weaving in my mind of a fairy and  one rain- lover whom she met.He who loves to drive on silent roads surrounded by shady trees and can glimpse paradise in the wet roads.They are to him most beautiful view of rains unlike the dew drops on flowers and water dropping by leaves.He had the immense love in him or say it erupted in him after they met.Someone with whom she felt known since ages.They  could talk endlessly and  always came up with similarities.His words appealed to her in every sense.

Sometimes, she  wonder is she  really worthy of the love she receives from my friends and my loved ones.He called her , ” A girl straight out of dreams”.Words that were heard by  ears , sensed by  eyes, felt by  heart and seeped deep inside her soul.She  could  easily be flattered by words, i believe every girl can be.Its been said , ” Man falls in love through his eyes and  a Woman through her ears”.He was the one who equated her with a sweet angel with wings.An angel who had come on earth to spread love everywhere.

She was being taken to the land of dreams  where i was the princess.He was the prince who wanted to take her to his world far away.He promised to stand by her  side and she  could see the truth in his eyes.The queen was in dilemma as she feared what would king do if he comes to know about it.She was madly in love with the King who considered her the most prized  possession  and a God’s own gift to him.The Prince inquired about the King to assure himself, the queen was in safe hands.The rain lover slowly started moving away and forgot her like a sweet dream.The queen gets back to her fairyland and her happy moments are back.

When they both sit in rain outside looking at the roads, the wet roads.A thought passes by their minds about the beautiful moments of their lives which brings a smile to them.

The Prince was a traveler who came from far and distant lands and met his princess .Now its time to travel again to wherever rain-soaked rains may take him.