I have been tagged by my sweet friend , Shwets.I have to list 10 things i wish to learn or i wish i could.Here it goes ;

1. Cooking – It has got to be on topmost of all.As mentioned many times on my blog , ” the way to man’s heart is through his stomach”.I do not enjoy cooking like most of the girls do,its  more  of a pain to em and i wish i could get over it and cook delicious foods.

2. Telling lies – I am really bad at telling lies.My ears go red,my voice trembles and body shivers if you are intelligent enough to listen to the body language.I wish , I could learn to tell good lies.

3. Technology – I am not much of  a tech- savvy.I wish , i could have an easy hand on latest technologies and equipments.

4. Using cosmetics – Strange..but being a girl, I do not like putting make up on myself.Eyeliners ,mascara, lip glosses and lip liner are all weird to me.I so..hope , I learn to put up with them being an Indian girl and would be indian wife.

5. French – I am a lover of French language.Wish , i could be fluent in it soon.

6 . Being not so sweet – Sounds awkward. But i wish i could use ” tit for tat” in my life.I am overtly sweet at times.Fear diabetes.lolz..

7. Soft-wares – I am equally bad at using soft wares ans downloading things.I need to improve on it.

8. Remembering things – I forget things …where i kept my keys, where i left my wallet.I need to be less absent minded.

9. Watching News – Watching or listening or reading .Being aware of what’s going around us is what i often tend to ignore in my dream world.

10. Un- Learn – To not learn what is meant to be backward and inhumane.To learn to live like  a free bird.