You might be thinking or wondering what do girls actually look for in a relationship or how should their perfect prince be like ? Girls can easily be impressed being the soft hearted species who do not use much of intellect and logic before falling in love. Emotions always overtake the practicality in them .They look at things from a different perspective which may or may not be logical but always surprises men as they tend to miss certain things in life.Go on to read what girls want in a relationship or desire from their man.

1 A Man – It may sound simple but it isn’t .You need to act and behave like a confident real man who has a strong purpose in life and can treat a woman like a real woman. Women always look for power when they seek a life partner. They are mostly afraid to end up with men with low self esteem and who have a hard time making decisions.

2. Power for responsibilities – Women always look for a guy who has strong shoulders which can carry responsibilities and is never scared to run away from a problem rather faces it like a real man and takes it as a challenge.

3.  A gentleman inside – Women prefer men who are tough enough when they are facing the real world and can protect a woman but nice and gentle within who know how to treat their woman like a queen.

4. True lovers – Women absolutely find true lovers irresistible. Men who are not afraid to show affection in public and always pour their heart out for a woman and would do almost anything are the one’s who are on the top of the preference list for women.

5. Good sense of humor  –Every girl wants her guy to have good humor sense.A guy who can make others laugh will have high level of inter personal skills. These kinds of guys easily get noticed by the girls.

6 .  Positive attitude – Women can smell a loser from miles away and this is possibly the major reason why nice guys always going to finish last since they seem to have a positive attitude towards life and are always seeking attention from girls.

7.  Security – From knowing that they can trust the man with their life, finances and possibly children, to fidelity completely believing that they will one day provide a stable home for them and would never cheat on them.

8.  Intelligence – In order to have stimulating conversations with each other and others around you, he must be at or slightly above the intelligence level of the woman. If not, it can be boring or disappointing for some.

9 .  Same interests –

In order to have fun and indulge in detailed conversations, you need to have the same hobbies, likes or dislikes. If she likes or is very involved in music and he hates it, they could have a serious problem.If a man drinks or smokes or likes to go to bars, a women who doesn’t drink or smoke may not be interested in going out on a date to his favorite pub. Remember, the above says “at least some,” not all of the same interests. This keeps the relationship interesting.

10. To feel loved and cherished – Girls are always brought up in a loving and pampering way.They desire to be pampered in a relationship too.Whether it is through a warm embrace or a genuine look, love her as if she is your greatest and most prized possession.