Sometimes, when i am lying like  a dead corpse on my bed ,I think of death and life.I travel to places beyond the universe.I look inside me search for what remains alive.The place i visit is  a silent sea that lets its waves come and go..I sit there as  a soul waiting for the life to come and give me a new birth.They say the sea would freeze as snow keeps falling on me.Its freezing,snow is falling like dew drops from heaven .I do not feel anything.I lie there lifeless.

I hear no words, I sense nothing .Its beyond what can be termed as “Silence”.Its complete tranquility which listens to the noise of winds..sounds of wave that comes and goes.It listens to the snow that falls on the waters.It shows to me the white lotus in blue waters which looks so divine.My life ceases to exist.Its perfection I see as  a soul.

My body seems to be dead.It merely covered my soul inside.What is life now? Is it being in a universe which does not lets me  live the way I want,Or is it the life that calls me towards eternity,free will and independence.A place where my thoughts could be as free as  a nightingale to sing and sing and die.Where my individuality can be itself without any kind of artificiality.

Where I can be a free soul unhindered by all existing things.I do not wear a skin, neither  do I belong to any place,Nor do I pray to certain God.What i think , I become.What i dream off becomes  a reality.I do not have to prove myself as  a soul as  we need to prove ourselves as human beings .I am blessed by eternity.Love is the only thing that touches me.Happiness knows no name as it is the only thing that exists.

I travel to roads which are beautiful.They do not end anywhere.Destination never arrives.I have to go on searching for someone to come,something to arrive,someone to tell me why i go on walking on this path which leads to nowhere.The answer is the path leads to Death.The journey is a called ” life”.