One thing about me you could not have ever guessed..what i never show to you..I am feminist to the core.

Being a girl is what i am really proud of..We, the most beautiful species on earth.Girls are the beings who are innocent at heart ,blessed with a softhearted nature and sensible beings who are empowered with emotional strength.Like rose petals in rain – beautiful ,serene and purest of all.

We are romantic to the core..the innocence in us makes us loved.We can always make men go crazy by things we do for them.We do silly things and make you smile.We ask for a date and get it even on busiest of your days.Isn’t it true ?

We canΒ  make things come alive.A girl has so much of life within her that objects seem to speak up in her presence.The way we care for our wardrobe,our gifts,dried flowers,chocolate wrappers and dresses can be termed ” Silly” by a few.In reality ,we make things come to life.

We can always drive you crazy by just a look into your eyes.A smile passed can make you wait endlessly for us all your nights.A hug can make you loose yourself.A word of praise by us could be cherished by you all your life.We can actually make you realize this world isn’t that bad.

All of the above statements are an instant reaction for the lines i read by Kamala Das which had hurt me deep inside.I am a Feminist to the core.I feel women are the privileged beings on the earth ans just cause they have more of patience , they can’t be put to test always.Men should respect and love the species fro it’s here they find all the peace and love and warmth to share.The world could have been brought to doom had we not been there to give our laps for you to sleep,our ears to listen your heart, our love to let go your hatred.

The lines wereΒ  –

I don’t know politics but I know the names
Of those in power, and can repeat them like
Days of week, or names of months, beginning with Nehru.

When I asked for love, not knowing what else to ask
For, he drew a youth of sixteen into the
Bedroom and closed the door, He did not beat me
But my sad woman-body felt so beaten.
The weight of my breasts and womb crushed me.
I shrank Pitifully.

It is I who laugh, it is I who make love
And then, feel shame, it is I who lie dying
With a rattle in my throat. I am sinner,
I am saint. I am the beloved and the
Betrayed. I have no joys that are not yours, no
Aches which are not yours. I too call myself I.

A gift of God to us should be valued and cherished.