okay..So first the time in my life,I am gonna do something insane inspired by my sweetest friend , Mag

It would not create any disastrous bomb explosions like Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it will sure paint  a beautiful smile on someone which is  worth a million dollar.My life took a new turn when i started with my blog.My world was just my little diaries which spoke of my happiness,sadness,grievances, complaints or anything which had reached my heart.I started with my blog ” The Simple Soul”.It did not attracted much attention first three months.Slowly,i came to be known among bloggers.I was admired for my plain writing or straight from heart words.I was on top of the world.

My Blog had to take a  re birth as ” Pearls Of Wisdom”.One day accidentally,I saw Indi blogger badge on one of the blogs.Got myself added there and was lucky enough to meet angels of my life.I may sound silly but its like my own world.I got greatest of writers here.Each one was blessed with a talent.Everyone was  special gift from God.A few inspired , a few made me laugh , a few got me tears , a few made me smile.

I met this blogger “Mag” who made me feel home the very fist time.Some kind of comfort zone created automatically.Deepak and Hemal ,if edited , the post would be incomplete.We all had the best time talking to each other about absolutely nothing.Seriously , we could go on and on and on and we continue to do..talk endlessly.I guess, the kind of bond Mag and me share is unique.When we are there on the form , its always fun.Someone whom i know can make me smile always.

About him as  a person , I feel he is fun to be with,completely insane who can do anything , say anything and write anything.His blog is a glimpse of him.He has the courage and guts to talk about things people fear of.His writings are straight from heart , added with spice of wit and honey of intelligence.He speaks about virginity , flirtation, Addiction, beer,hostel life,affairs , relationships,betrayals,commitments and crushes.So,its a full time masala blog.

I don’ t know,I had disappoint you or make you smile, Mag.

You are one of the rockstars of blogosphere.I am proud to have a partner like you and we can win any war had you been there with me.