Moments we term as ” life”. Moments which make us fall in love with life.Someone ask my life to flourish me with such moments !!

When i am walking down the streets listening to my favorite music and staring at the trees passing by,looking ta the kids playing on the road side, a husband kissing a wife on forehead while leaving for office,lady in balcony just out of sleep and flowers which have fallen down on the street.

Moments spent with him that are the blessings of god to me. When he is low and all he says to me is ‘ ” I need a hug”.When he lets his arms cover me and he drives single handed.When he brushes my hairs from the eyes and puts them behind my ears.When he has that worried face while dropping me back home just cause he knows i would be late.

when you know a scene in movie has made me afraid,you bring that hand on my head and cuddle me in your arms as if saying ,” i am here baby”.When i say,i had a fight with mom and you say , ” she loves you beta”.When you are on call with me and as soon as you we are done , i getΒ  a text from you ” i love you”.

When i shout on you cause you didn’t had your lunch or drive in rush and you listen quietly all i have to say and whisper ” khush to bahut hogi mujhe dant ke”. When i feel how blessed i am to have you in my life.

When a friend suddenly texts you ” i love you” and i am in confusion as in was it for me.I enquire and she says , ” tere liye hi tha dusht”.

When someone tells me he/ she is waiting for my new post or someone appreciates my work or says ” i am beautiful in thoughts at heart at soul ”

When i am in a super angry mood and someone gets meΒ  ice creams.

When i sit down on floor with all my childhood greeting cards,letters ,gifts and diaries.I read them one by one and see myself growing up as a human being.When i look at those dried roses and the memories erupt in my mind like volcanoes.When i can feel tears falling down my cheeks and I wonder is it for i am happy or i am sad.