Ever wondered how would have life been had everything been perfect and flawless..Just imagine everything as we always wanted to be.everything in order and on time.Had it not been a a boring world !!!

No lies, no worries, nothing to cry for, nothing to worry about,nothing that could be made better.You would smile for no follies as they no longer exist.There would be no silly things done to make you giggle all of a sudden.Hence, aimless life,no secrets , no hidden truths, no mystery , nothing to be discovered .

No one to call a best friend as every one would be so kind and generous.No special bonds with particular people as every one is the same.No one to envy from as we all have got same amount of luxuries.No gossips,nothing saucy to talk about.You share the same understanding with everyone.Anyone in this world can understand you,So,you do not have to be dependent on anyone special.

There would have been all perfect relationships.No extra marital affairs,It doesn’t mean i approve them .Lovers would not feel special about each other or their relationship as each couple out is as much loving and as much genuine as they are.You are one among all the perfect beings.Nothing makes you unique or your relation out of the world.

Nothing can hurt you, no one would give you tears.Hence,no reason to cuddle your baby and sleep in his arms while crying.Missing the most precious moments of our lives.Talking about how perfect everything around is could be such wastage of time.

You would feel no ecstasy in the special moments of your life as its the only thing that actually happens.Life would be full of perfect moments and we would look for some mistakes,some lies to be told,some mischief to be done,something to go wrong.

When nothing could be ugly or vulgar or bad.Everything beautiful .How could the beauty of things be felt ? What would make one thing look better than other when everything would be just perfect.

It’s just a small effort by me to bring out the fact that the world is beautiful cause its made up of good and evil..The so called ” Perfect world” is not so appealing and worthwhile.