Scribbling Gal tagged me for it.

Here,it goes..

What was your favorite back to school item to buy ?

Colorful pens,I guess.I loved keeping all the things in order – pens ,pencils,scale,eraser and sharpener.

What was your favorite subject in school ?

English . I had always been a favorite of my English Teachers.Still remember – Mr.Jose and Mrs.Sangeeta.

Did you ride the bus or got a ride from Mom / carpool ?

I had a cab to school which never reached on time.My friends were more attentive towards the school gate than the morning prayer.lolz. The only punishment I can remember of school days was due to getting late.

Do you have  a sack lunch or cafeteria food ?

Usually , I had homemade food to school.It was always enjoyable to have a variety of mom’s made food during lunch break.I do remember , waiting in a line for a samosa in canteens too.

What is your favorite memory from your school days ?

Quite a lot of them !! I remember those last days in 12th standard which are the most cherished moments of my life.The whole class as one- no groups.playing truth and dare.

I do remember one incident in Maths class.My teacher asked me to sit down on floor cause i had not completed my homework.I cried a lot and my friends still tease me for that day.

I remember those birthdays when a greeting card or  a gift from a classmate meant  a lot .Being flourished by them was an awesome experience.

Valentines day , new proposals,breakups and patch ups,Teachers day,farewell party,fests,annual day,Christmas celebrations.

Writing our names on desks,craving for that corner seat of the class,Three of us sharing one book,writing down notes for my friends,preparing fro an assembly,decorating that bulletin board,envying science students due to their free classes.

Whispering into ears during morning prayer,Giggling at our friends who got caught for their mischief,Sending text messages to each other in classes.

Someone fetch me back those days !!!!

Missing all the fun in life !!!!