I got across this Meme and stole it.

Here it goes,

Ten things I wish i could say to people right at the moment –

– I am really thankful to all my readers who make me feel so loved.

– Be yourself and you would be accepted.

– Each one of us is a gem .Just need to look inside oneself than searching for it in others.

– I just hate lies !!!

– I do not like people peeping inside my personal life.

– I am emotional but not a fool.

– I can’t find a reason why should i listen to you.My name,itself means “Unconquered”.

– I love your presence around me and miss you when you’re not around.

– I do not want to get married so early.

– I am really bad at pretending so you can always be sure about me.

Nine things about me

– I love blue .

– I can have really bad mood swings.

– I am a suspicious girl.

– Possessive by nature and Unselfish at core.

– I write diaries and they are a treasure to me.

– I am self obsessed too.lols.

– I am a lover of nature.

– Rains have an incredible effect on me.

– I find it really hard to abuse people.

Eight ways to win my heart

– Be yourself.

– Be ambitious in your life.

– Have a caring and loving heart.

– Good sense of humour.

– Get me flowers .

– Love my blogs which are a glimpse of me.

– Respect women .

– Love me the way I am.

Seven things I can’t understand

Am i insane .

– Do people actually love to know about me.

– How can we judge someone at first meeting.

– When is our country gonna change.

-Why do people live their lives like mountains and trees who come into existence ,die and decay.

– Are marriages really made in heavens.

– If happiness is just a state of mind,Why is it so difficult to attain.

Six things I wished I never did

– Trusting you.

– Crying in movies.

– Being blind to all the atrocities .

– Trying to be a love cupid.

– Letting others interfere in my life to the extent that they take decisions forΒ  me.

– Putting on weight.lols.

Five Turn offs

– Bad smell.

– Lies.

– Low mentality.

–Β  Crowded places.

– Bitchy girls.

Four Turn ons

– Rains.

– Ice creams.

– Intelligence.

– Compliments.

Three things I wana do before I die

– Publish my autobiography.

– Pamper my would be daughter.

– Do something for women’s liberation.

Two words that describe me

– Unconquered.

– Simple Soul.

One confession

I have a crush on you .