They say when ever you feel a bit low ,just think of the moments that had made you smile.Recollect all of those that you have kept close to your heart to be with you in times of troubles.When life seems to be sullen and there seems to be no way out of it.Spend time with yourself and get lost in the world of beautiful memories.

Thinking of the times ,when someone special made me feel beautiful inside or a sudden consent of secret love being felt by a close friend or those of when i felt i am being loved for what i am .One of the special ones told me ” i am a girl straight out of dreams”.Someone told me ,” I wish i could be just like you”.These small little words create a special moment in our lives and are being cherished for whole of our lives

Thinking of the times when i did something silly or stupid and never got caught for it brings that awwwwh kind of feeling and i blush …blush..blush…smiling..

Thinking of the moments when i pamper myself like a princess or spend long hours taking a peaceful bath or spend one fourth of my salary on parlor and another one in shoppingΒ  makes me feel “heyyy shonaaaa!!!!”.

Moments spent in reading a book ,when i can find myself in one of the characters and i cry with them and smile with them.After completing one,I feel i have lived one life and i am back into another.It’s a bliss i feel and makes me really happy.

Moments spent in absolute ” vellapanti” and when i have just nothing to do,no body to talk with,nowhere to go and i just be with myself.

A girl’s day out with my sweet angels when we roam out in markets,bargain a lot and buy a less lolz..we tease guys out there and live up our lives like back to those college days.

I love ice creams…I would be the only one in this universe who loves all the flavors discovered till date.Butter scotch drives me crazy.ooopsss..

Thinking of those moments spent with my pup.the only one who always comes waging his tail no matter I slapped him a moment back..such innocent love.

Those moment when i feel the bliss of rain..getting wet in those waters from heaven seem to soothe my soul.” let the waters from heaven drench my soul”

Moments when i think of him and think of howΒ  innocent and cute the love between us could be.i go all awwwwhhh again.

Moments when I am lost in those beautiful worlds ,i call my dream world where there are no sorrows and no pains.Life is just about being happy and content.Wish,i could be there forever.

It has made me all smile and smile and smile

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚