Sometimes,you just don’t have control over things and they turn out to be after another,they cling on to you like its been planned your day is gonna be spoiled.Had one of those today.

Early morning,I got up late—late means irritation,fight with mom,leaving breakfast and hurrying up to get hurt.I did all of it.And I swear !! at times the rain pisses me off too.Roads being broken,water accumulated,dirty muddy water…yakked…..And to the heck of it, a car poured it all on me because he was the only person in this world getting late for office.Feel like smashing his head on the wall.

It wasn’t enough , you know!!! Just because i was wearing a knee length Capri , I had to tolerate those dirty looks of middle aged men..Bastards,they are..They have their kids turning adults and can’t take their eyes off a girl at this age too..I hate such breed of men !! Aunties , add on to me frustration cause they give me the same dirty looks as ifΒ  what crimes had i committed.

It still isn’t done..there was still much to ruin my day.The most ambitious Indians,traffic police who aim to rob every single vehicle that passes by them.One of them had stopped my cab driver and was treating him like a dog. I had to apologize for no mistake of mine and i felt so helpless.All they need is a 500 bug and they can sell their souls for it.Dr.Faustus was a much better man ,he had kept the price of his soul for 25 years of luxurious life.hell !!! I hate Indians !!!

I shouldn’t say,But I need to…One of my colleagues who was equally pissed of as me,took it all out on his poor bf !!! I hate such breed of men too who do not have guts to tell their partner when they are wrong and listen to all the bullshit !! Can you imagine what she said ,” Tum manhus call karoge subah subah,to ye hi hoga na !!”.And she spitted out some most venomous,dangerous,disgusting and worst of all abusive words,which I can’t think of speaking or writing. What are they in relationship for ??

I am badly pissed off !!! simply off !!!