We always talk about love and relationships..Friends,the most beautiful bond being created is often ignored.Friends are those beautiful souls in our lives who catch your first tear,stop the second and make sure the third doesn’t comes out.So,here i am dedicating this post to my blogging friends.

I would like to confess one thing that blogging has changed my life.I got some wonderful friends here whom I had like to keep intact all my life with me.Here,I am disclosing every bit about my new friends.

Americanising Desi, Crazy Diamond, Bebo,Pooja,Meher ,Nostalgic, Scribbling girl,Mademoiselle Deva and Miss R – You all are my little fairies.Your comments and your appraisal made me smile always.I love you all as wonderful souls you are.Your blogs had inspired me to write more.Your presence on my blog made it come actually alive.I had always keep you close to my heart.Wish the journey continues.A token of love for all my fairies.

Shanu,Harshad,Richa,Deepak,Sovina,Harini,TOI,Neeraj,Vish,Anonymous Someone,Mr.Happy,Lemon and Sachin – You guys were always so loving and generous in leavingΒ  a mark on my blog.You people made me smile too.It was always a pleasure to visit your blogs and leave comments there.Each one of you isΒ  a gem ,I have found.Here,is a love token for all of you.

Mayank who was a stranger to me few days back has become such a close friend.We are so much alike.I love the kind of bond we share.See,just for you.This one I had also like to share with Saurav Pandey, you are the one whom i can count in special bonds.

Mag (m),Deepak ,Hemal,Punam and Ria – Although, we have not talked much,not shared much but you guys have been there for me on my new blog.You people made me feel part of family.And Hemal and Mag,specially,It’s so much fun being with you guys.A token of love for all of you .

And here is a common one for all of us.