I have known someone whom I actually don’t know so..well.I have seen her inside me.When i look inside myself,i see this beautiful girl who is so much like me ans so much different.She comes to me when i am all alone,She claims to love me like nobody else on this earth.She knows every single incident of my life and she tells me what went wrong.She lives in my sub-conscious self.I do not know her exactly.

She is a carefree girl,who lives life to lees.She doesn’t cares of what people would think and say.She annoys people and irritates them and still smiles at their weird looks.She is like a small child who wants to play whole day.She is like a bird who is unhindered by heights and keeps flying.

She has a beautiful heart…such innocence on face.She believes nothing could go wrong as long as God is with her.She forgives and forgets the miseries in her life.She finds peace with nature.ItsΒ  in lap of nature,she gets a new life.

She has a belief that life would be full of beautiful colours.She hopes for a future that would bring her loads ofΒ  happiness.She enjoys the present,hopes best for future and had moved away from past.

She is someone who is peaceful inside.She does not need any outside help to heal the pain within.She believes that the true cause of happiness or grief is yourself.the answer to all the questions lie within you.

She is a girl who like an ostrich closes her eyes to avoid the unbearable.She lives in an illusion that prey can’t see her cause she can’t see it too.Silly girl,she is.

She is a crazy girl and can be psycho too at times.She cries and laughs aloud.She smiles and has tears rolling down her cheeks.She is with you yet in her own world.

She is a dreamer..She has a new dream to fulfill each day.She lives in a dream world and promises herself to make them a reality.

She is someone who can’t live in bondage.She needs to be breathe the fresh air that makes her feelΒ  independent.She can’t be stopped.

She is a girl who had left her footprints in every life she had touched.

When i look inside me ,I find her.