Quick..quick..be quick…

lolz…here,i am taking up a tag of random questions.

Love or Lust   –  Love

Food or Make up  –  Food ( hehe…pretty people don’t need much make up)

Jeans or Skirts   – Skirts ..(more of a girly thing )

Pizza or Pasta  – Pasta with white sauce….ummmm…

Black or White – Black to wear and white to soothe the eyes.

Husband or Boyfriend – A husband,undoubtedly.

Roses or Orchids  – Roses – white.

Beauty or Brains – Brains !!

Beach or Hills – Beaches…..

Cats or Dogs – Dogs.

Tea or Coffee – Tea.

Books or i- pod  – Books.

Red wine or White wine – Red wine.

Writing or Reading – both.

Eyes or Smile – Smile.

Summers or Winters – Winters.

Secluded,pristine beach in Andaman or warm and cosy cottage in Swiss Alps  – Do i need to say,Secluded Beach,obviously.

I tag all those who read it.It’s fun.