Like every girl,I too had some misconceptions regarding life .I had believed if i am right,nothing wrong can happen with me.I had believed destiny can only decide what i get in my life.I had believe love is only pure love and nothing else.I had misconceptions about myself.Exactly,what do i look for in my life,was unknown to me.I had stooped infront of folks cause i believed there is nothing special about me.As being said,”Everything happens for a reason”.It happened.I got an answer to my prayers and blessings from my loved ones.

Bliss of holding hands which makes me feel one soul,which makes me feel safer.It unites me with your heart and soul.

Bliss of a kiss bestowed on forehead for every worry on my face.

Bliss of those fragrances of fresh flowers hiding behind you which brightens up my day.

Bliss of warm hugs when i need them the most.

For the warmth i feel.

For making me feel special always.

For those dances,I had with you.

For making my life a beautiful place to live in.

For tolerating the worst in me,when i don’t speak and i don’t listen.

For making me feel blessed.