An overtly emotional gal,who cries on terrace alone when hurt.She feels lonely in a crowd of people,She enjoys looking at birds,listening to the rain outside.She talks and talks and talks until all her pain comes out in form of tears.She is someone who cares for everything thing and everyone who is a part of her life.She forgives those who have hurt her and continue to do so.She stays friend with merciless people who only aim to make the best use of her.

A girl who looks for something new to happen each day.Someone who looks at future with lots of beautiful colours.A girl who wants to enjoy the moment she is in, A girl who had choose a small house by the side of a river than a luxury apartment.A girl who would smile for a little flower gifted to her ,a smile passed on when she arrives or a gentle hug to her.

A girl who stays lost in her dream world.She visits the beautiful valleys when her heart smiles and gets lost in a dusky place  when she is alone.she cries in her dreams on a lonely island when words cant heal her pain.She finds a solution to all the worries in those distant lands where nobody comes.

A girl who desires for no gold and no luxuries.All she wants is love and care.She never moves back when the friendship needs help.Her love for humanity is immense.She cares for the tiny plant about to emerge in a garden.She cares for the little insect trembling in pain just cause it came beneath her feet.All she wants from her loved one is – love.

A girl who holds on to certain principles in her life.Someone whose ears go red when trying to tell a lie.A girl who would do what is  right despite the fact she goes against her friends.Someone who had never believe her heart could be wrong in what it says.

A girl who values respect above love.She desire for love,respect and loyalty in a relationship.She does not believes in stooping down infront of someone just cause she is born in a girl’s body.She is someone who had once being told,”I had show you your place ” and She answered back,”You hadn’t picked me from garbage,I was always a precious jewel which you unfortunately never realised the worth of”.

She is someone who had a modern perspective to look at things and still does finds peace in a church.She has her dreams which are purest of all and she would make them all come true.Someone who very few have the privilege to understand and love her what she is.