will you be with me in all my dreams and fantasies,will you be in black and me in white and walk along the beach like a newly married christian couple.

will you be always there for me whenever i feel like being a little stupid and hugging you all of a sudden anytime and anywhere.

will you silently hold my hands inside the dinning table when i tickle your feet.

will you just give me a tight hug when i am sad and depressed and i feel no words can describe what hell i am going through.

will you hold me in your arms like a baby even when i become a little heavier.

will you sit by my side and listen to all silly and monotonous talks,when i feel like.will you listen to me when i am hurt and i want to curse a bitch in my life.will you just give me your ears and a shoulder to lean on.

will you sometimes come and ask me for any help i need or suddenly give me a hug when i am making your favourite dish.

will you sometimes plan little surprises for me or send me flowers or leave love notes in my room.

will you wait for me while i take a little more time in getting ready.Will you just look at me lovingly when i wear those footwears or put an eyeliner on my eyes.

will you always find my arms to hold on,even in thousands of others.

will you be the same loving and caring darling even when we grow old.

will you !!!