All i have kept in my heart since long which needs to come out .all i have been taking laong with me all these days may find peace here.

1.To my dearest dad,

I really love you Dad.I respect the kind of person you’s not that easy to stand by your principles.I know how people have cheated you in this journey of truth.I can understand how you lived life in troubles but never did let treachery or violence or wrong ways be your way.There for sure could be no other “You”.Although,i love you but I feel at times,being such a good person is a crime and hence,you are a criminal.

2.To the soul of my life,Mom

You are my support system.A day without you is difficult to imagine.I have grown up seeing you as a dutiful wife and a dutiful mother.I have seen you sacrificing your happiness for all of us.I have seen you smiling with your heart when we are happy.I wish i could be just 10% of what you are..

3.To my best friend,Sonek.

I don’t understand what binds me so..tight with you.I feel very secure with you.We have spent the most beautiful days of our lives together.Sometimes,i feel you cant understand me.At times,i even felt I should hide things from you just cause you wont understand.I love the way you can make out from my voice,i am hurt and you cant sit quiet till i let it you for this act of love.

4.To someone i had loved

I have respect and love for you in my heart but the fact is I had never understood you.I doubt your love for me is true or not.I had the most beautiful moments of my life with you which i had cherish all my life but forever i can’t imagine with you.

5.To angel of my life.

You truly have come into my life like an angel.You wiped away my tears.You made the world look so..beautiful.I love the way you call me beautiful.I love the way,I can just tell you every bit of my life.I love the way,you take away all my worries and love me unconditionally.

6.To my girlfriend,Ruchi.

You dont deserve to be born this time..You are such innocent girl.You have such a big heart with love for everyone.You are a perfect soul.I know how harsh life has been with you,it took away your parents.I am really proud of you of how well you had survived and how you prove to be strenght of your family.I love you for what you are.

7.To my dearest hater

i don’t know why you have so much attitude and how can you wear faces 24*7.The way you pretend to be such a nice girl,wen actually you are splitting venom within.God save me from such a breed.

8.To my sister.

God had decided we could never be friends.You can never understand me and my aims in life.I do care for you and i want you to grow and stop looking at this world from a mere window.Its a beautiful place to live in.I want to protect you from the bad world but feel the beauty of it.

9.To my support.

Yeah,my little brother- you are my support.You give me courage to fight.You make me realise how and what do i lack in my life in a very positive manner.I can do anything for you.Ask me and it will be done.I love you a lot.

10.To my future husband.

I do not hold high expectations from you.I just want you to love me for what i am.I do not want you to rule me.I can give you all the world’s happiness,all i need in return is love and respect and a lot of understanding.I so hope,you won’t disappoint me.

It’s all i need to say…